Axehastes Epituxies Vol.2 - Disc 2

by Anagennisi

Axehastes Epituxies Vol.2 is the second concert production by Anagennisi. Performed and recorded live to a audience of over 350 at Stars International Receptions on July 19th, 2014, Axehastes Epituxies is a collection of classic laika songs by artists including Stelios Kazantzidis, Marinella, Manolis Aggelopoulos, Mairi Linta & Manolis Hiotis and many more., performed by Anagennisi.

John Georgakopoulos: Vocals, Bouzouki
Dimitrios Kakaletris: Vocals, Guitar
Jim Soubalov: Accordion
Jenny Theologidis: Vocals
Jacob Papadopoulos: Bouzouki
Dimitrios Hoplaros: Violin
Wayne Simmons: Double Bass
George Kirkopoulos: Clarinet
Dennis Vergopoulos: Baglama
Zois Tzikas: Toumberleki
David Dimkopoulos: Percussion

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